Amy is an Australian Artist, Photographer & Content Producer currently based in Amsterdam, while travelling the world. With a passion for travel, editorial & story telling photography her work is a reflection of her deep love for exploration. She has outstanding expertise for creating influential content and strong imagery, that portray an inspiring story and leaves a lasting impact on her audience and clients.


+ In Bed Store
+ Broadsheet Brisbane
+ My Domaine Home
+ Fashion Journal
+ Glamping Hub
+ Holly Ryan Jewellery
+ Intrepid Travel
+ Who What Wear


+ In Bed Store// Holly Ryan Jewellery Feature

+ Broadsheet Brisbane// All In Brewing Co. Feature

+ My Domaine Home// Holly Ryan Jewellery Feature

+ Glamping Hub// Feature

+ Glamping Hub// Interview

+ One Wybelenna Day Spa// Feature

+ Who What Wear// Holly Ryan Jewellery Feature

+ Fashion Journal// Holly Ryan Jewellery Feature

+ Intrepid Travel// Featured Writing & Photo Story